Step 5: Mustache rides

Picture of mustache rides
After growing my moustache I noticed that I started to have some really strange dreams. There's this one reoccurring dream I have where I'm Aladdin flying on a my trusty carpet, only this was a really weird carpet made out of animal fur and shaped like a boomerang and we just kept going back and forth to this cave in the desert to collect scarabs.

I don't know what that means, and even the roadside-gypsy I later consulted about an interpretation was dumbstruck.
Do you know the international gesture to ask if someone would like a mustache ride?
Step 1: hold the tips of your middle finger and thumb together and lick them so as to apply some moisture.
Step 2: Take the tips of those two fingers from your mouth to the center of your mustache and, in one smooth motion, wipe the saliva across your mustache (working from the center to the outside).
Step 3: Follow through with what you just promised to do.