Introduction: Anti-whammer

Have you ever whammered your finger with a hammer while trying to hold a nail in place?  I recently did and discovered all new curses and obscenities that I had never even thought of before.

Here's a tip I realized to keep that from happening again.

Step 1: Supplies

sculpey, poster putty or other clay like substance

Step 2: Soften the Sculpey

when you get a new box of sculpey, or when it's been sitting around a while, it helps to soften it up by banging it with a hammer a little

Step 3: Use the Sculpey to Hold the Nail in Place Before You Start Hammering

pinch the sculpey into a little mound on the surface you are about to nail and then stick the nail or screw into the sculpey, then pinch it tight around the nail and get it positioned straight

Step 4: Hammer the Nail in Halfway

now wham the nail in a little bit until it is about halfway in, then remove the sculpey

Step 5: Wham It in the Rest of the Way

now hammer the nail the rest of the way into place without getting your fingers involved.   no more whammered fingers!

Step 6: Clean Up

if there is a little bit of clay stuck to the nail, you can use a little pinch of sculpey to pick it up with



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    Interesting idea but a bit overkill for nails. Just use a dollar-store comb....

    2 replies

    That's an interesting notion. But how does the comb keep the nail from falling over sideways when you hit it? I'll have to give it a try. Thanks

    I've een the idea over over the Internet. Here is one example:

    I sometimes hold nails with needle-nose pliers so as to avoid hurting myself.

    Neat use of "stuff".


    or just get one of these. it's got a nifty little notch in the top of the striking face to hold a nail for setting....of course it's a $200+ hammer

    1 reply

    "unwhammerer" would indicate you undo a whammer... instead you should call this the anti-whammerer, as it prevents the whammering.

    And, just curious... is 'whammer' a commonly used term where you're from, or is it just your own little colloquialism? Never heard it used before.

    6 replies

    I am not ashamed to make up my own words as I go along...

    no issues with made up words... just never know in this global community if the word is regularly used in some part of the world I am not familiar with. Have learned some cool and some strange expressions this way.

    is no worries..

    I'd never heard it before either, but I like it. One of those words that sounds like exactly what it is.

    yes, that is the word that came to mind when I described it to my friend.  It conveys the sense of quick and extreme force as well as the subsequent pain effects...

    alright, anti-whammer it is


    The one I generally use is holding the nail in the smaller hole in a spring clothes peg (the one that's meant to hold the washing line).  I hadn't thought of using putty-type substances before though.

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    yes, what I like about the putty is it gives you a free hand for stabilizing the piece before the nail goes in..

    Good idea.

    You can also use a little piece of cardboard, folded or not, to hold the nail until it holds itself. Then extracted it before finishing nail.