Unwrapped: Kommunikations-Gully





Introduction: Unwrapped: Kommunikations-Gully

Connect (at least two) duct-covers acoustically to bulid a communication system within the city.

A «unwrapped - Aktivierung städtischer Objekte» project: http://thinkunwrapped.org
Watch the movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q94EyO73Trg.

Concept developed in the «unwrapped» seminar in Graz: http://www.thinkunwrapped.org/index.php?id=75
Concept realised by the unwrapped team: http://www.thinkunwrapped.org/index.php?id=86

Step 1: Material

a walkie-talkie

Step 2: Material

a headset with a baby microphone

Step 3: Material

active loudspeakers

Step 4: Material

a wooden box, a flexible plastic, aluminium tape, glue, screws, orange spray

Step 5: Material

a bag

Step 6: Material

street tape

Step 7: Construction

wooden box:
- wooden box: 10 x 21 x 5 cm
- 1 hole for the microphone
- 2 little holes for the cables
- 4 small screws on the box (construction to fix later the plastic)
- 1 big screw (later for the electric contact)
- 4 holes on the side (to fix it later on the duct cover)

Step 8: Construction

- tape (to fix the elastics)
- elasitcs (for the walkie-talkie

Step 9: Construction

- microphone into the big hole
- each part of the headset switch into one small hole

Step 10: Construction

- stick the aluminium tape on the flexible plastic
- one headset switch cable is connected to the aluminium tape
- one headset switch cable is connected to the big screw

Step 11: Construction

- connect the head-set cable on the walkie-talkie
- fix the walkie-talkie with the elasitcs
- fix the cables with the elastics

- this antenna in not necessary

Step 12: Construction

et voilà

Step 13: Installation

open a duct-cover

Step 14: Installation

- put the active loudspeaker into the bag

Step 15: Installation

- fix the bag with cable ties on the duct-cover

Step 16: Installation

- fix the woode box with cable ties on the duct cover

Step 17: Installation

- stick the street tape around the duct cover

Step 18: Installation

- and let people interact



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    1. It's weird and useless 2. IT RUNS OUT OF BATTERIES!

    1. You say that like it's a bad thing. 2. Eventually, sure. It might be possible to rig a solar collector to it, if the cover has enough openings.

    It doesn't even have to have many openings you could put the solar panels on top of the man hole cover and feed the wires down one of the slots :)

    Runs out of batteries?

    You should make it power itself from the methane gas in the pipes!!

     Somehow, I can't understand what this thing actually does. What does it do? 

    it lets random people who find the grate talk to other random people at the other grate.

    oh lol. Thank you for answering a 1-year old question!

    don't try this in Boston because they will think that you are a terrorist and be all paranoid about everything and you will get arrested.