i just got a new nerf gun and ammo so i will show just how much i have know
Knex.X3 years ago
snuggy over your head looks boss
knexinventer (author)  Knex.X3 years ago
kve234 years ago
mine has 10 darts
its supposed to have 10 darts

i bout one and it had seven. the name was changed but it looks the same
My friend Jack got me a berserker for my birthday but it was called the barbarian
on the side of the gun.Probably gun mix-ups.
Spannerz4 years ago
Nice. Me bought one of these yesterday C:
got one for Christmas. Its great.
xava1004 years ago
the barrel does revolve otherwise extra bullets would come out, by barrel they mean drum which is often referred to as a barrel
knexinventer (author)  xava1004 years ago
the cilender moves like a semi auto revolver
lil larry4 years ago
I have a question. Is the Barricade a useful blaster in battles?
10 shots and you can shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger ( 3 to 4 shots per second ) definatly a good gun but makes a constant hum sound.
i just turn it off and when i find someone to shoot i turn it back on. it stops everyone from hearing as easily so it is easier to sneek up on people
knexinventer (author)  lil larry4 years ago
moocowdog4 years ago
i want that gun
username2524 years ago
I see your toes...
sithlil4 years ago
barricade is great 4 nerf battles
Tech_Master4 years ago
Went a whole nerd war with this gun put if you pump the trigger to fast it sticks otherwise its awesome.
knexinventer (author)  Tech_Master4 years ago
Tech_Master4 years ago
Oops stupid auto correct I mean nerf.
i have it! :D
popscott34 years ago
I want one! Isent it like the tommy 12/ 20 from buzz bee toys because I have one and it is NOT acurate at ALL!
No. No it is not like those. It's a semi-auto gun. It uses a flywheel like those, yes, but it's a vertical flywheel and therefore more accurate. It's better calibrated to the size of the darts it uses. You can actually be insanely accurate with this gun; you just need a steady hand.
Really? Hmmm then I might just have to get it!
Yeah, the tommy 20 uses a horizontal flywheel system, meaning that its inaccuracy is sideways as well as vertical if the dart has any bends,dents, etc. The Barricade doesn't have the extra horizontal inaccuracy, because a bend in the dart won't adjust its firing angle at all.
That makes sence!
WTF is the snuggie for! XD LOL!
~KGB~4 years ago