Usb Charger


Introduction: Usb Charger

This is how to make a charging unit for a usb charger

Step 1:

What you will need
  • Usb extension cord
  • Battery
  • Electrical tape
  • Switch

Step 2:

cut the usb wire on the end that would normally go into the wall charger strip the wires.

Step 3:

Put the batteries hooked up to the switch then to the wires and you are done



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    DONT connect green and white wires to battery!!!!!! those are your data lines. Short these together to get phone to charge at its full speed.. Red is positive Black is ground. you also need a regulator to smooth out the power and to output proper voltage. There are many type of batteries. typically battiers output 1.5, 3, 6, 12 volts depending on battery. Phones charge off 5volts at about 850ma. Some phones are 2amp. CHECK YOU CHARGER. you dont wont to fry your phone