Hi this is my first instructable and i am only 13 so please tell me if there is room for improvement. anyways this is like the lego usb flash drive but much easier. it is a plane of some sort with a usb connector at the back made of lego. plz comment on improvements

Step 1: Cracking Open the Usb Drive

you will need to get the usb drive inside by opening the casing. you may need to use pliers.

Step 2:

you will need to cut the "sticky outy bits" off with pliers depending on how big your usb drive is

Step 3:

i used these for wings (remember they need to be the thin pieces)

Step 4:

you will need a piece the same size as the base for this part (i added a bumper for this on the back)

Step 5:

it should look something like this.

Step 6:

i added some finishing touches to mine although it is a bit big now :). here are some pics of different variations because this is just an idea not a manual. customize to your liking

Step 7:

i advise you to super glue this together if anything happens
Thanks :)
sweet plane even without a usb<br>
That's pretty good, and no glue. L
can you tell me how to make that LEGO USB thing??
Only the yellow bits are glued in place. This is one yellow bit sawn in half, cleaned-out underneath and glued around the USB bit. It's the same on both sides. L
tight!<br />
Old comment - <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Compact-Lego-USB-stick/" rel="nofollow">see here for more</a><br /> <br /> L<br />
thanks, i like urs
very nice,keep it up you will be a pro soon,if your not already!
thanks :)
i made mine so a motor pushs the usb out when you turn it on :D

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