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i had old emergency light ,tat can be light up with 5v power ,,,so plan to hack it as a usb light ........................
The parts needed :
stiff wire 1m or less than 
water bottle (any thing with plastic cap)
old usb cable 
old usb light 
some wire 

Trough away the unwanted parts in the light n keep the led board only ,,,,
connet the usb negative terminal  to light negative terminal 
make a hole in the bottle cap n insert the stiff wire n round up its end 
fill up the bottle with soil or any heaver material for it balance 

tis is my first instructable ,so if i did any mistake please correct it  ,welcome 


makeshiftmech (author)2013-11-21

Are you an Indian

makeshiftmech (author)2013-11-21

are you from India

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