what you need


hotglue gun

Step 1: Glue It!

glue about half a centimeter on each side of the usb making sure it covers all connections.


Step 2: Test It!

iy you are confident test it in a glass of water.my first turned out ausome.make sure you tell me if yours works.

<p>all usb's are already waterproof</p>
I like the idea but you should specify a low temp hot glue gun so people don't fry their PCB
Why is this needed
<p>I have washed my old usb stick in the washing machine. It still works. You just have to make sure its dry before using it. However the idea with hot glue might keep water from everything but the usb connector, so you'd only have to dry that part. Still, its probably safer to get some hydrophobic stuff to coat the electronics with.</p>
It is good if you forget it when it's in your pocket , so if you do forget your work stuff is not deleted

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