Usb Wifi Antenna





Introduction: Usb Wifi Antenna

this is the 1st. version of my usb wifi antenna. it has been inspired by:

i did not have immediate access to "Chinese parabolic cookware" however i will use one next time. instead,i used an eight inch strainer , without the strainer i do not get a signal in my house. this entire instructable has been uploaded via the strainer/usb antenna.

Step 1: Purchase Usb Wifi

i used the belkin wireless G usb adapter. it comes with a base and some cable.

Step 2: Purchase Strainer

this one is an 8 inch strainer with a handle.

Step 3: Make Hole in Strainer

Step 4: To Get a Better Signal Push It in About Half Way!!!

Step 5: Connect to Friends

i am getting this signal from across a river.



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    I opened up a Tenda USB wifi card that plugs in with no extension cable, drilled a 1/16th hole in the plastic cover, soldered a single speaker wire (about six feet long) to the tiny circuit board squiggly antenna, ran the wire through the hole and closed it again. Luckily my living room window faces an xfinity hotspot. From my desk by the window, with the wire taped to the top of the window, my signal strength went from one bar to the max. If anyone know the frequencies for xfinity wifi signals I could probably trim the antenna length to get even better reception.

    But uh, the antenna in a dongle like that tends to be essentially a coil printed on the PCB. Meanwhile, the shield of the USB connector that is basically electrically tied to your strainer is usually tied to the system ground.
    Ever hear of a Faraday cage??

    i thinks its not better idea.................................. dufer

    Do you think this would work with a mini USB wifi adapter & a USB extension cord?



    Any comment for using the same idea for SMS - SIM chip modems. 3G stuff. I need a anttenna booster for mine.

    Big Jake

    hey guys...i have made an antenna using a mesh drainer about 8 inches, i added some pictures and i added a 10 ft usb extention with a linksys WUSB54GC connected to the center of the bowl...and i don't get ANY gain at there a proper way to place the USB dongle...does it HAVE to have direct contact with the mesh...???? i added a 5onz baby bottle to prevent wetting when raining occurs... please help...have a couple of connections around i would like to improve the reception i also have copper wire....i heard that helps sending radio it good to recieve wireless AP better??? (if it can good...i wasted money buying a useless 25ft copper wire....LOL)


    Did you use a powered USB extender cable? There will be signal loss with a normal passive cable.

    Hi Punk_88, There are a formula to calculate where you should put your dongle. It's a relationship between the curve of your dish ( of cause "mesh drainer" ). Try google "poor-man antenna" you will find it. good luck.