Use a Xbox 360 Controller As a Mouse





Introduction: Use a Xbox 360 Controller As a Mouse

i am going to show you how to setup your 360 controller for use as a mouse and how to use it for pc games instead of using a mouse and keyboard.

you need
1.) a corded 360 controller or a wireless one with a adapter
2.) internet access
3.)belief that Microsoft isn't all bad(i know it's hard but you have to try)

Step 1: Downloads

you need to download the Microsoft update so you can use the controller on widows xp if you have vista you can skip this step. go here and follow the steps to download the right program if you don't know just download both one will work the other you will get a error.

Step 2: Switchblade

download this and go through setup it will need to download two other Microsoft programs which will take a while be patient. it has a kind of start up tutorial read it, it helps.

Step 3: Using the Controller As a Mouse

just keep switchblade running in the back ground and you can use the controller as a mouse.
the picture below shows you the function of the buttons. it good for switching between games and their guides.

if you have any questions/problems/criticism comment or message me, i will answer them. thanks for reading this i hope you thought it was helpful.



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    FK YEAH now i can use my emulators without so much of a problem XD

    do this work for windows 8

    is there a way to change functions? not a fan of right stick to move and left stick does nothing. also how do you click and right click??

    Will this work on Windows 7?

    this is cool but is there anyway to use the control without it being wired or adapted?

    i want to do it with a wired controller. but how?

    what type of adapter do you need? like a bluetooth adapter?