so i wanted to use lenses for 35mm film on medium format film.not quite as straght forward as you might think, medium format film likes its lenses far away and 35mm film like to be close to its lens..i explored the possibility of making a panaramic shift and a blend, due to forces beyond my ability what i got is what it is.

here are some lists

brass from, car heater radiators,light switch faceplates, an exsecutive toy , part of a lens,some pipe ,a decorative plate and some clock parts.
some nuts and bolts
a lens mount
lead tin solder.
wire wool
fine sand paper
polish wadding and paste
stainless rod
rubber bungs

a lazer cutter would have been nice to get things accurate but i havnt got one so it wont be accurate.
blow torches large and small
tin snips
dremmel with cut off disks and sand drums
pipe cutter
paint brush

gas £3
decorative face plates£8 (b&q dont sell sheet brass)

Step 1: Get Something Shiney

heat it up and pull bits off.i was also playing with the idea of o rotating base, like the spinner camera.

notes on soldering
clean both pieces so there shiney bare metal apply flux where you want to solder,
big awkward shape?theres nothing stopping you from soldering part of the connection then the other end then joining it up. heat it and add solder till it flows in to the gap.
other times you might want to patch a hole in prevoius solder use less heat so its soft and push it into shape with a stick or something.try not to overheat so it all goes liquid and falls to bits.
put thin little bits of material onto big thick bits of material , this stops your previous work from self destructing :-)
the fumes are toxic
What is this &quot;film&quot; media you speak of?? lol. <br> <br>Hard to find film developers around here, nowadays.

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