Introduction: Using Artmoney to Hack Games

Picture of Using Artmoney to Hack Games

learn how to hack games using the memory scanner artmoney in this instructable.

Step 1: Download It and Open Minesweeper

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first download the 7.22 freeware version of artmoney from this link and open minesweeper from the game file in the programs list.(the games file isn't in the picture).

Step 2: Learn the Basics of Artmoney

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1.the search button used to search for values.
2.the filter button used to filter the searched values.
3.the process bar used to select the program that you want to hack.
4.use this button to transfer values to the list.
5.use this to clear the list.

Use button number 3 and select "winmine".

Then ready to hack!!!

Step 3: Time to Hack

Picture of Time to Hack

go to artmoney and search for the value ten(this amount of flags left)(search box should look like the pic.)and click "ok".now i'll explain what he buttons do.
1.experiment with this one
2.enter the value that you want to search for here
3.enter the type of value here
4.personally i have never found this useful

Step 4: Filter You Results

Picture of Filter You Results

first alt-tab to minesweeper and right click to drop a flag.
now in artmoney click the filter button and make the box look like this(look at pic.)again i will explain what the buttons do. type
2.filter value
3.values filter type

Now click "OK"

Step 5: Find the Value

Picture of Find the Value

after the filtering you should have only one value left now click the red arrow to transfer the value to the list

Step 6: Changing the Value

Picture of Changing the Value

now change the value to 10 and freeze it
sadly this will not help you win the game so now comes a cheat that will.

Step 7: Next Cheat

Picture of Next Cheat

first search for a unkown intial value or unknown value

now in mine sweeper lose the game by hitting a mine.

now in artmoney filter for a changed value.

then start a new game in mine sweeper

in artmoney filter for the same as last time

also filter for the intiger type that is 4 bytes

repeat this process till you have one value

when i did it i got 1 when you havn't lossed yet and 16 when you have lossed

now lose the minesweeper and change your new value to 1 and freeze it

now play mine sweeper with a new game and lose and you should be able to click on boxes after you lost and once you click all the boxes you will win the game

Step 8: Final Thoughts

Picture of Final Thoughts

these are not the only hacks you can do
i have hacked the time in this game to so try and see if you can do that on your own.

and remeber you can hack almost everything that uses memory to store a value.


Fil. (author)2015-09-26


Fil. (author)2015-09-26

MarbethH (author)2015-09-01

should Artmoney can hack or change the value of the online game like from a facebook game?plss reply!

NineslashtwoA (author)2015-08-25





dylankj1 made it! (author)2015-05-05


ryan16r (author)2009-12-11

This is almost exactly the same as cheat engine

Elricho (author)2009-10-28

by the way, very cool instructable!!!!!!

Elricho (author)2009-10-28

can u plz send 7.22 freeware version of artmoney as an email attachment to  because my internet wont let me into the download link. thanx.   :)

g12345389 (author)2007-05-08

how can i hack runescape?

J-Manoo7 (author)g123453892009-06-09

simply put: there is no way to hack RS, absolutely impossible. all their information is server-side you control nothing.

Ziegbod (author)g123453892007-05-16

XD Runescape hackage FTW?

dragonblue80 (author)Ziegbod2009-01-03

I know a guy who tried to hack runescape. His computer crashed and he could never use it again. basically, hacking runescape cost you $600+ dollars. or whatever you spent on your computer.

Tombini (author)g123453892008-09-10

I did it once AGES ago, in your acount it only shows 999999 GP but when you trade it realises you don't have that much and quikly shows the original number which actualy gets taken away from. It is still nice to have lots of "fake" money

I never knew ppl actually still played that...

I got a clan site: This is it

dude its just only three years(for rs2)old, but fully its 6

wasty (author)2008-05-13

i heard art money was a trojan horse on one of the big antivirus sites does anybody know what's up ?

evanwehrer (author)wasty2008-11-19

The virus scanner also says winstock packet editor pro is but its not.

Tombini (author)2008-09-10

I use artmoney alot, but its not very reliable because it has lots of trouble with online games and some normal computer games. WARNING It can screw up your computer

Techy (author)2008-07-05

Personally, I think cheat engine is better.

Can you hack robot rage miniclip

ozzyman15 (author)2008-03-10

how would i use this to increase my amount of ammo on halo trial pc

de-evolution (author)ozzyman152008-03-28

sorry for the late reply I just remembered I had this instructable =}
but if you want to hack halo trial pc with art money just select halo.exe or what ever in the program selector. but if you want to hack the game in depth google halo hacking and look for some thing called "HMT" there is also a good Forum

ineedhelp (author)2007-12-29

kan u guys help me download the version 7.22 lol idk how to do it

santa844 (author)2007-12-07

I have tried artmoney for many games. It works on most single player games. But it MAY not work on online games. I tried useing it on runescape, but it onlu changes the way your money looks like. So if u have like 50k and u make it into 1m. you can't spend it on items. its only for works. i tried it also on a game called america's army. You can edit the amout of bullets u have in ur clip. like i had only 20 bullets left and i made it so that i had 500 bullets. You can freeze the value u have so it never wastes. so i u freeze ur value to like 40, you will have 40 whatever and never run out of whatever. Hope that help some ppl santa844

raul12 (author)2007-11-12

how do i use this?can eny 1 answer?plz

boogschd (author)2007-11-04

artmoney can hack flash games? ...

killerAP (author)2007-10-31

can u hack Diablo 2 LOD Ladder? not open bnet, but ladder if so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me b/c my char is one fucked up sorc

ardnat (author)2007-06-01

There is no way you can hack online games because all your lives, points, items are stored server side, in very rare cases they arent but even then most people encript the values. If you really go in to game hex editing I recomend

de-evolution (author)ardnat2007-06-08

actually cheatengine is a memory scanner too, but it has the capability to let you search in hex.

The_Ebon (author)2007-04-18

It wont work i dont no how to do it i cant filtir all the stuff out till only one is left!!!Help me

Darth Vader (author)2007-03-25

Every thing was going fine. I was gaining confidence. But really telling the trugth step7 is really a messup Take my openion you should use some "window pictures of art money" to explain step7 I am really getting confused over there. Hope so U will look after it. Other wise its really a good effort! Please Help me!!

Darth Vader (author)2007-03-25

Yeah! a pretty good one. but getting confused at last and the process is too tedious!

ballad of NJ (author)2007-02-25

when i seach it says process not found

click on the select process bar and select the program you want to hack

ballad of NJ (author)2007-02-25

i doubt you could hack rune scape. Thats happened before it was hilarious.

MaG1C1aN (author)2007-02-25

do u think you could hack runescape with it or realy big game like silk road

cactus1 (author)2007-02-23

It would be a lot easier to hack minesweeper using this... "Start Minesweeper normally. When it has loaded, type "xyzzy + then ". After doing this, the top-left pixel of the monitor screen will be white when the mouse pointer is on a square without a mine, and black when the pointer is on a square with a mine." "A cheat code can be used to stop the timer. After the timer has started hold down both the right and left button on the cursor and press escape (ESC). This does not work on Windows XP. (In the Windows 2000 version, pressing the ESC key alone after the game has started will stop the timer.) The timer may also be stopped by clicking and holding the smiley face at the top of the minefield. Note that in order for this to work without simply causing a new game to start, the player must move the pointer off of the face before releasing the mouse button."

de-evolution (author)cactus12007-02-23

you could do that but this allows for much more extensive hack and for more things

de-evolution (author)2007-02-22

from what i know yes

Neodudeman (author)2007-02-22

Ya, Artmoney is pretty sweet. I have the old 7.18 Version, before they blocked the "Search All" option. Does 7.22 support Flash 9 Games?

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