Using Internal Pc Radiators for External Usages





Introduction: Using Internal Pc Radiators for External Usages

i've extracted these internal pc radiator coolers for my  external modem's over-heating.

because of my internet daily usage,my modem gets hot badly,so i came up with this solution of using those salvaged  parts on the

modem to  take away direct heat and let it be cool.

Viva iran  :)



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    Well, from a technical standpoint, the heat generating components of the modem are separated from the housing by around 1-1.5cm of air space, so your cooling solution does not help much. (it still does something though) What would be more effective is to cut a hole to fit an 80 mm usb fan (in a shroud, not the ones on the gooseneck things, and screw it in to the hole. just that little bit of air movement (if done correctly, it will be virtually silent) will make the world of difference. Trust me, I have done it to 4 overheating routers and modems, and they have never gotten hot again.

    thanks for the suggestion,but i dont think im gonna make a hole on my modem ;D

    my modem gets hot to because i never turn it off.

    great solution! but why does your modem get so hot?

    i use my modem 24/7 and i dont turn it off, so my modem is always hot, and it was worrying me, so i found this solution :)