This is a knitted uterus - yep, a uterus. You see, I have this friend who is acting out a skit for the vagina monologs (see http://www.michianamonologues.org/). This skit is written by a woman whose mother taught childbirth classes and used a knitted uterus. My friend wanted a uterus as a visual and asked for my help. Well, don't you know we found a pattern from www.mother-care.ca/uterus.htm. I used bits and pieces of yarn from my basket. I'm not sure what I used in all, but I know I used wool ease pink and heather rose and then some fluffy purple somethings. I wanted it to look like it had veins running through it. I used #4 circular needles. This very special uterus will be a part of the silent auction on February 22-23 at the Michiana Monologues and will benefit a local women's shelter.
Well, there's something you don't see everyday!!
This is a very interesting project, and I like it a lot! It does look like it has veins running through it, and it's cute too! Good job!
hey! was this you?<br/><br/><strong>Public eavesdropping</strong> (Leah Garchik's column feature in The San Francisco Chronicle in which she shares snippets of conversation overheard and sent in by readers)<br/><br/>&quot;Mom, what color is a uterus?&quot;<br/><br/>Young woman holding up a skein of red yarn to her mother, overheard at Imagiknit in the Castro by Aileen Arrieta<br/>
Not me - I live in Elkhart, Indiana. Nice to know there are people on the west coast knitting uterus' too - or is the plural uterui????

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