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Introduction: Uterus

This is a knitted uterus - yep, a uterus. You see, I have this friend who is acting out a skit for the vagina monologs (see http://www.michianamonologues.org/). This skit is written by a woman whose mother taught childbirth classes and used a knitted uterus. My friend wanted a uterus as a visual and asked for my help. Well, don't you know we found a pattern from www.mother-care.ca/uterus.htm. I used bits and pieces of yarn from my basket. I'm not sure what I used in all, but I know I used wool ease pink and heather rose and then some fluffy purple somethings. I wanted it to look like it had veins running through it. I used #4 circular needles. This very special uterus will be a part of the silent auction on February 22-23 at the Michiana Monologues and will benefit a local women's shelter.



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    Well, there's something you don't see everyday!!

    This is a very interesting project, and I like it a lot! It does look like it has veins running through it, and it's cute too! Good job!

    hey! was this you?

    Public eavesdropping (Leah Garchik's column feature in The San Francisco Chronicle in which she shares snippets of conversation overheard and sent in by readers)

    "Mom, what color is a uterus?"

    Young woman holding up a skein of red yarn to her mother, overheard at Imagiknit in the Castro by Aileen Arrieta

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    Not me - I live in Elkhart, Indiana. Nice to know there are people on the west coast knitting uterus' too - or is the plural uterui????