Picture of uzi (mac10)
im going to show you how to make a card board uzi  im making this instructible for 11rex11 so please post a good comment after
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Step 1: Tools

you will need:
scisors and or an exacto nife
a printer
ink catrige (black)

Step 2: Printing

Picture of printing
Untitled 2.jpg
print out the pdf

Step 3: Cardboard

glue the sheet to the card board and cut out the pieces and then assemble the pieces with glue or tape

Step 4: The results

Picture of the results
 it shoud end up like this after
Looks quite good =D 5*
sanagol (author)  beanieostrich2 years ago
vopo2 years ago
No, the Uzi is Israeli and the Mac 10 is American. Made by different people, so it can't be the "ancestor" of the Uzi.
adamazing3 years ago
A better title might be "Cardboard Machine Pistol". (Also, a MAC-10 is not an Uzi.)
sanagol (author)  adamazing2 years ago
i did more research and it turns out that its the ansester of the usi
sanagol (author)  adamazing2 years ago
yes it is i did a litle research and mac-10 is the original name
11rex112 years ago
Well im here and i told you so! But one complaint there is one actual image. I know its a simple project but if your going to post something you might not wanna use the same image twice. Otherwise not bad!

gunz4life3 years ago
does it shoot?
sanagol (author)  gunz4life2 years ago
no its a PROP does a gun prop in a movie realy shoot i dont think so!!!

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