uzi strawz are 'professional' automatic airsoft blowguns. i had this idea in the 6th grade and ive been improving the idea over the years on those rainy boring days. the guns have design features that hold the bbs in when the straw is held in the shooting position. the significance of the bendy part is you can use it to aim. they shoot a clip of around 35 bbs in about a second. heres how to make them.

shooting tip
hold the tip of your tongue over the mouthpiece blow then release your tongue.
with practice you should be able to shoot the bbs through a sheet of paper

Step 1: Materials

to make an uzi straw using my preferred method you will need the following matirials:

1. those bendy straws from friendly's get a few.
2. some straws from mcdonalds
3. a straw 6 millimeters wide or wider i use the straws from subway. get a few because sometimes the bbs get stuck in the straws and sometimes you mess up cutting the straw. blow airsoft bbs through the straw to see if it works.
4.electrical tape
6.exacto knife or razorblade
7.piece of super thin non streatchy plastic wrapper i use the wrapper from little debbie snacks, or from subway straws.
8.airsoft bbs at least 5 or 6 to test it
9. patience, dexterity, common sense, and time.
hey chris, do u kno someone named &quot;shane&quot;<br>and btw, this is epic
shane who? possibly!
haha probably, i dont remember names! does he live in franklin?
no, lol
ok yall who listens to dubstep? im making an analog dubstep machine and im gonna post it soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the dreamstepper is still under development, but i will post some pictures
Hey i have the same shirt! anyway nice idea. ill half to remember this for a mcgyver war(we all get a bag of random crap and have like 15 minutes to build airsoft weapons.)
hahahahah my mind is a mgyver war hahahah thats cool ima do that lol
wow much more work than mine but it looks way better how much does a clip hold?
about 35 these things are pretty sick if you make it right. u gonna make one?
ima try<br>
kool beanz
it'd be sick if you had a spring at the bottom of the magazine so that it automatically pushed it in
hook it up to a canister of compressed air and you're all set!
i made one of these and its pretty cool! :) i super sized it though and used pvc pipe instead of straws so you can shoot basicly whatever you want!

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