V4 K'nex Engine, Manageable Amount of Pieces





Introduction: V4 K'nex Engine, Manageable Amount of Pieces

About: well im just a 13 year old and im into knex. I also draw, build, fold, watch, and evaluate a heck of a lot of things on this site, along with other sites such as, youtube, facebook, and roblox. if you look f...

hey guys, i was looking around youtube and saw a single cylinder engine that was REALLY compact, so much so that I could build it rather easily, i made 4 of them and put them together into a 4-cylinder engine, it's even got a flywheel!! oh by the way the pistons weren't my idea, it was the idea of a certain youtuber named stencilwhiz heres the link to the instructional video that he made, that i used as a base idea for my engine and heres the link and oh by the way heres a video, i've also made an instructable, if you wish to see it then click on the link here. ok? ok.



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    I made a large 4 cylinder that works by pushing the pistons to turn the crankshaft. It's also hooked up to a tranny with a driveshaft. Gonna build it with a full chassis and wheels.

    I'm going to see what happens when I hook this up to my Dremel ;D

    I have a feeling of what might happen....

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    please get back to me on that, I'm curious

    i'm planning on, right after i finish cleaning up the huge pile of k'nex around it that is usually a result of my experimentation with it, y'know, cams shafts, rocker arms, and the like

    160th comment btw


    i just knew you would say that, i've had 159 comments for the last hour or two.

    nvm, it's just funny that your the one to have 160 comments, since it was up for grabs, like for five hours before you commented

    ohhh! lol

    i'm gonna put up a video for the engine in action soon

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    theres ya go guys, it's funny because whenever i put up a video i seem to get, better ratings, and more views.