Picture of Cake Balls
So my mom wanted to try something new so she started to look up cake balls. This is a very good variable instructable (good for tweaking with your taste's)

Step 1: Items needed

la cookware:
cake pan
large bowl
rubber spatula (not shown)
cookie sheet
small cookie scoop or small ice cream scoop
wax paper
double boiler or sauce pan with a small glass bowl that fits along the edge of the rim
tooth picks
mini paper cups
rubber gloves (optional)
knife (preferably Paula Dean knifes)

cake mix (flavor of choice)
jar of icing (flavor of choice)
eggs (not shown)
vegetable oil
water (not shown)
chocolate or vanilla almond bark (1 or 2 packages)
nuts, sprinkles, chocolate chips, coconut, and etc... (optional)
xruiz4 years ago
Wow that is so cool!! They look awesome and as if I could just eat them right here!
Otherwise known as....... Cupcakes! Yay!
ladybozarth4 years ago
what a fantastic job describing entire project; greaat pics; can't wait to do these; thanks & will let you know how mine turned out!!
S1894 years ago
Wow! That's a LOT of cake balls! They look great!
wow, these look professional:)
Arbitror5 years ago
Don't you mean "Cake Ball Recipe"? I can see it used to be called "Variety Cake Balls", you just have to reorder the title, and remove the plural... These look good by the way!
muberblob5 years ago
lol i have cake "ballz"!
Jayefuu5 years ago
These look great :) And this instructable reads much better than the last, the capitals help!
rachelrad5 years ago
I had half of a birthday cake in my fridge and was wanting to try mushing it up and dipping little balls of it in chocolate.  I'm happy to know that someone else is like-minded and also thought that would be a good idea!!  I mush my cake and icing together anyways when eating cake and it's delicious because it is so moist but apparently it doesn't look as appetizing to others.  I think that this is an excellent way to share the amazing taste and texture of the mushed cake/icing and I really love your idea of dipping them in sprinkles!  The cellophane wrapping is a great idea and a bouquet of these would make for a cute gift!
doomsdayltd (author)  rachelrad5 years ago
yes i agree the cake balls last longer than regular cake, and a quick tip do not put them in the fridge put them in the freezer i learned that the hard way