Introduction: Vbs Net Send Messenger

Here is the instructible on how to make a Net Send Messenger using Visual Basic Script (vbs).
I used vbs instead of batch because i don't like to use batch. Batch is too simple.
Just to let you know, this is my first instructible. I hope you like it!

Comment if you want!

Step 1: Step 1... Writing the Script

Open NotePad and copy and paste this code into Notepad.

Dim x
Dim y

set oShell = createobject("")

x = InputBox("Enter User or IP","Net Send Messenger.. script by Cavingboy92")

y = InputBox("Enter Messege","Net Send Messenger.. script by Cavingboy92") "net send "& (x) &" "& (y) &""

Step 2: Step 2... Interpretation of Script

Dim x = declaring variables
Dim y = declaring variables

set oShell = createobject("") = calls and makes the object

x = InputBox("Enter User or IP","Net Send Messenger.. script by Cavingboy92") = asks you for username or IP.

y = InputBox("Enter Messege","Net Send Messenger.. script by Cavingboy92") = Enter messege "net send "& (x) &" "& (y) &"" = starts net send and inputs the username/ IP and messege into the program. Then it sends it.

Step 3: Step 3...Saving the Script and Testing Messenger

Once you have the script copied and pasted into NotePad, you have to save it.

Save the scripting as Messenger.vbs

*Once you have done that test it out.

If you have any problems, suggestions,or questions, send me a message.


troy.glover.7 (author)2015-02-12

I tried sending myself a was only open for a split second and then closed...How can I keep the message open long enough to read it?

justin666 (author)2013-08-28

where i can download it ?

jazujosie (author)2012-07-10

it work perfectly bro, but is it possible to add net view command along with net send to see users in network.

17hmr243 (author)2010-09-09

just funny way to shut pc down

so write u own funny mesg inbetween " "
so it could be

onclick=msgbox ("your hard drive has failed please format",2,"ph home to late shutting down")

now u can change to numer from 1 to 20 to get dif boxes
copy past into notpad save as any thing u whant but must end in .vbs

onclick=msgbox ("your hard drive has failed please format",2,"com%dot disk format fat32")
onclick=msgbox ("your hard drive is running to fast",13,"com%dot disk format fat32 restart")
onclick=msgbox ("failed please format",14,"com%dot disk format fat32 restart")
onclick=msgbox ("save and exit now",15,"com%dot disk format fat32 restart")
onclick=msgbox ("sending passwords",16,"com%dot disk format fat32 shut down")
onclick=msgbox ("sending bannking details",17,"com%dot disk format fat32 restart")
onclick=msgbox ("sending b.s.b details",18,"com%dot disk format fat32 formating hard drive")
onclick=msgbox ("thank you for your time and $",19,"you have just been hacked")
Set shell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
shell.Run "%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -s"

Goalie1 (author)2010-07-07

When I send it, it does not go anywhere, the Black window appears briefly, but then disappears. Help Me!!

sharlston (author)2009-10-10

i sent a message on the sam ecomputer but after i sent the message cmd popped up for a second then no one ever recieved the message how come? whats wrong?

cavingboy92 (author)sharlston2010-04-07

You probably don't have the messenger service enabled on both computers. to enable it go to... RUN..Type Services.msc.. then ..OK. Then scroll down to messenger, click properties, and then start the service.

matrix828 (author)cavingboy922010-06-03

how do you do this is Windows 7 because i looked and i cant find it...

UBERBANKAI (author)2010-04-05

iRule is right

GeekBeam (author)2010-02-10

ooh funny idea make this connect with a speaker

Bert99 (author)2009-02-24


iRule (author)Bert992009-03-18

Dude seriously people work hard to work out how to do these things and all you can say is .. boring .. should cut him some slack seriously its not like youve done the best ibles in the world.

lunchboxslayer27 (author)iRule2009-05-08

i agree


with iRule

animan1 (author)lunchboxslayer272009-06-15

me too

GeekBeam (author)animan12010-02-10

asking me leads to a yes i do agree with irule

BlackHoleMan (author)iRule2009-10-06

I agree with iRule. This is actually cool if you know what it is.

shaneomacmcgee (author)Bert992009-08-13

If it's boring, read something else. This is interesting to some people.

greenbean (author)2009-06-18

When you enter the IP, is that the IP of who recieves the message? Or is that supposed to be your IP?

cavingboy92 (author)greenbean2009-06-19

you enter the user or IP of the computer you are sending the message to.

greenbean (author)cavingboy922009-06-19

OK, so does the receiver have to be on the same network, or could I, say, send a message to my friend from my house to his?

cavingboy92 (author)greenbean2009-06-19

The receiver if the message has to be on the same network.

AAbbasHussain (author)2009-02-19

who does it send the message to?


you can either send a message to you whole work group by: *
or you can send to to a person on your work group by: workgroup name here/ Username here

theknight (author)2009-02-08

Hey Cavingboy Just commenting to apologise for totally stealing your idea. I really didn't realise until after I finished my instructable 'NETsend using VBScripting'. Sorry! Was not trying rain on your parade!

PKTraceur (author)2009-01-26

What does this do?

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