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Introduction: Vbs Password Lock

This is a .vbs password script that I made so i could password protect a folder .. so i decided i would publish it =D .....
This script doesn't do anything fancy like actually lock the folder ...This script only prompts you for a password but then dose nothing with it...
i used this script with another script so instead of getting 'please enter password' in a batch screen i got it in a nice little box ...

this doesn't actually lock the file/folder so i just used one of the folder locks on instructables, theres lots of them .. then just brake it down and use my pass lock.

i found that in the script and put in call password.vbs then i made it into an exe using the converter .. u don't have to do this ..
NOTE :.:.: THIS SCRIPT IS VERY HARD TO USE WITHOUT KNOWING HOW IT WORKS .. ( but if you have good knowledge with vbs this will be easy =D )

ALSO NOTE: This is NOT secure, anyone with any brains could crack this ... it's just to keep people like little brothers or sisters out .. in my case big brothers =P i own him on computers =D

Step 1: My Script...

Here is The script.......
you will have to delete one of the 's' at the end so it it 'password.vbs' or what ever you want as long as it ends in vbs...

Dont want to download script incase of virus?
then copy and paste code into notpad and save as 'somthing.vbs'

Step 2: Your Password

Lets start with your password ......
This script gives you 3 chances at gettin the password right ... we will find out what to do if you dont get it in 3 tries in a later step ......
when you have this script you should change the password, and the links, there are 3 places for you to type your password as shown in the pic......
Make sure all of these passwords are the same!

Step 3: The Links

ok lets start with the'correct links' ... there are 3 of them you should cange these to e.g. ' correct.bat' or exe ... so when you get the password correct it will run 'watever.bat or exe' .. and in that script will be the scripts to unlock the folder.....
the other link, 2nd pic, is if yo get the password wrong more than 3 times it follows this link so eg. 'fail.bat or exe' and in that script you would make it lock, shutdown pc or anything else you want .....

Step 4: Hope This Was Helpful!

Hope this Instructable was helpful if you need any help or have any questions please pm me or leave a comment thanks .... =D

if you also want to know how the rest of the script works ( so you have a better understanding of it ) please pm me and ill try my best to explain to you ....



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    It might be nice if you copy/pasted the code for the file into your instructable, that way people who can not download the file can just copy/paste it into notepad. Just a friendly suggestion, otherwise great instructable!

    thank it works for me and i trying to shutdown the computer with it.=D

    that is where you put the link to you folder / bat / exe ect. so if you get the password correct it will take you there.

    sorry but i have changed my site so non of them files exist now.

    this doesnt work, unless the destination file has to be a .bat or .exe? so it cant go to my destop or even to a folder hidden somewhere in my computer? please help me with this.

    1 reply

    oops, i found the problem, there cant be a space in the destination or an error occurs. sorry

    wat do you mean "correct links" and "fail links" (and what codes would i use for these?)

    4 replies

    soz for late reply if it still helps then in the 'Your Link Here' part you putthe batch/exe/ect. you want the vbs to run if the password is correct, the 'Your Fail Link is the batch/exe/ect. you want the script to run if they get the pass wrong more than 3 times. This is NOT secure at all and i wouldn't use it to lock secure files.

    you could use it to REALLY SECURE it against a computer illiterit person by: 1st:makeing the file System Hidden (attrib (filename) +s +h, inside a batch file in the same directorie as the file(you need the extention unless its a folder) then having a shortcut leading to this vbs file. So yeah, thats my idea (tell me wat you think) :)

    Didn't think of that =P Sounds good should work .. unless you get someone like a hacker on your pc =/

    you could always md5 encrypt the vbs file. because if you just look into the batch it will tell the person path to vbs then they will un-hide it.

    But that would work against any normal person =D

    unless there spying on this conversation because they want to steal my super secret recipe for a device that *insert somthing that you would want to steal if a program did it here* hahahahahaha just kidding!!! o.O

    You're good with computers, but bad at spelling XD Cool trick, keep up the good work :D

    could you make it so one password opens one folder and another password opens another folder without having to put in a wrong password first to get to the second password/folder?

    4 replies

    i don't quite get you =S

    i mean have 1 password do 1 thing, another password do another thing?

    yer thats not that hard just have the first bit befor the first Else then just add and take away stuff till your happy

    umm..instructables has a spell checker and so does firefox....

    Just so you know this method is not very secure and could be quite easily broken. I would suggest putting a MD5 hash in the file and compare it to the md5 sum of the input

    1 reply

    I no it isn't very secure but made it so you could do stuff like that to it I was just giving you the skeleton so you can mod it .. and also if i make it to complicated new combers to vbs woudnt be able to use it...