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darknessfalls made it! (author)2011-03-11

what are we doing here? give me a hint??? add some text

jvfx made it! (author)jvfx2011-03-11

for wat

darknessfalls made it! (author)darknessfalls2011-03-12

well, there is no introduction as to what is being done, so nothing to keep someone interested and therefore making them continue their reading of your 'ible.

i believe on the list of things that is given when you make the ible, of what is necessary one of the points states a well formatted instructions as well as pics, and this ible is lacking in one of those points.

quantumkittty made it! (author)quantumkittty2011-03-11

lol, he hoped it would be self explanatory, i assume. essentially, he's attempting to merge 2 pictures together.
in this case he transplanted the blue guy's head

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