Picture of verry simple frag grenades
C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Stuart\instructables\Img0035\ball of doom finished.jpg
this is exactly the same as the first ones i made but the pictures work.

oh and yes for some reason this instructable has also been posted on another site if you look at it its still mine its got by the inventor on it.


theese are based on some frags i saw on this site but i cant remember who did them so thanks for the idea.
there are three: the simple frag, the impact frag and the ball of doom.

Step 1: The simple frag

Picture of the simple frag
first you will need 8 orange connectors and one white circular connector.
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the inventor (author) 6 years ago
i can't believe it, i posted these things ages ago and recently I've started to receive tons of comments on them. Thanks everyone, but unfortunately i wont reply to most of them and i doubt i will be posting anymore Instructables. If i did though i think id make a new profile, because i don't make anything out of knex anymore. But once again thanks guys and maybe ill post some new things when i get the time.
hey, i posted a grenade similar to the ball of doom, and i gave you credit. check it out

I LOVE the ball of doom. But there's only 1 PROBLEM, Whenever I throw it all the fragments come back to hit me instead of hitting whoever is in front of me!!!! Can anyone tell me why this is happening!?!?!
sebby38s6 years ago
The ball of doom works great!!!!!!!!!!
An Villain6 years ago
in my opinion knex grenades are separated into two classes the first is rubber band powered "snap" grenades which have a bigger blast radius but usually less fragmentation and usually fire spacers the other kind are collapse grenades which have a smaller blast radius but usually fire pieces. the ones on this instructable are collapse grenades.
tomcat9556 years ago
how does the ball of doom work it dosent have eny rubberbands or enything
josh13246 years ago
the impact frag doesn't work at all. But the other one works pretty well! :-)
CrashMGD6 years ago
dont see how it will work
Russianbomb6 years ago
i dont see how an extremely durable grenade that has a 50% chance of exploding is useful. Unless your playing RUSSIAN roulette with a frisbee
DJ Radio6 years ago
Hey, I came up with a grenade with the exact design as this, without looking at yours. I checked to see if I was plagiarizing before i made a forum about it, and i found this.

5* for having my mind........
Armaggedon6 years ago
mamoo7 years ago
i threw the star shaped grenade at someone and i poked their eye out =)
literally? out?
nicamo7 years ago
it doesn't explode but it's a good idea.
T.E.A.7 years ago
the ball of death made me decide to get an account for this by far the best knex grenade ever easy and good
These are great!I like them a lot.
i built this. i took it to school and chucked at my teacher. i got in tourble and now i have detention for a week.
wow, real smart.
Wow... That must suck.
That sucks...
the Ball of Doom is awesome, i threw it @ my wall it went cross my room! The impact and simple gernade? not so much.
anarki1217 years ago
if the blast radius is'nt that big, its so easy to make and compact, you can throw 5 of those
the inventor (author) 8 years ago
hey everybody ive made and am currently posting an incredibly powerfull... turret mounted grenade launcher look out for it!!!!!!
post plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
the inventor (author)  bobbyk8817 years ago
hi sos i made this grenade launcher but it was soo powerfull it kinda destroyed itself its taking ages for me to do a mod to stop it doing this cause im currently doing my gcse practices and i have to concentrate might be a while before i make it agen but i will eventually post it probably jan feb 2008 cheers................................................. the inventor
can you email it to me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes i jus added some pieces and it hurts lik hell i threw it at my sis and shes pretty tough and she said it hurt so add some grey on pieces and they hurt even worse i did a test
nkk077 years ago
im going to throw them at the teachers and whoever is with them i will say what happend.
nkk07 nkk077 years ago
when i was about to throw the ball of doom at them "> the head teacher came around the corner so i slammed it on the floor and ran they went about 5 meter radius! no one caught me lol.
italiangold8 years ago
maybe cut out the middle of the blu part and weld the connecters to a pingpong ball filled with gun powder. hmmmm good instructable.
good idea please post when you have finished
nkk077 years ago
the ball of doom is great the impact frag could be better.and one eye face is .( lol or ;0 lol
unialfred7 years ago
the ball of doom is sssssoooo cool but the other one could do with a mod
halo998 years ago
the grenade is so cool i threw it at a person he chased me until i punched him and ran.
msichal8 years ago
Hi i'm new on instructables.com. Impact frag doasn't work but the ball of doom works perfectly.
lukeair458 years ago
The ball of doom works real good, and you can throw it at your siblings and pets you don't like.I give this instructable an A+.AWSOME
hey i liked this so much i turned it into a grenade should i post might be up soon working on a splodie grenade (too busy lol)
the inventor (author)  GAZ CREATIONS8 years ago
no offence but it is a grenade
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