this is exactly the same as the first ones i made but the pictures work.

oh and yes for some reason this instructable has also been posted on another site if you look at it its still mine its got by the inventor on it.


theese are based on some frags i saw on this site but i cant remember who did them so thanks for the idea.
there are three: the simple frag, the impact frag and the ball of doom.
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Step 1: The simple frag

Picture of the simple frag
first you will need 8 orange connectors and one white circular connector.

Step 2: Connecting the connectors

Picture of connecting the connectors
C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Stuart\instructables\Img0035\standard frag step 3.jpg
simply clip the orange connectors onto the white one its verry simple.

Step 5: Impact frag elastic band part1

Picture of impact frag elastic band part1
first put your elastic band on like this

Step 6: Impact frag elastic band part 2

Picture of impact frag elastic band part 2
now this bit "can" be tricky. keeping the band on the first two orange connectors stretch it over the upper and lower connectors like this.

Step 8: The ball of doom

Picture of the ball of doom
you will need two of the blue circular connectors and eight red connectors.

Step 9: Ball of doom step 1

Picture of ball of doom step 1
clip the two blue connectors togeather to make a ball.

Step 10: Ball of doom step 2

Picture of ball of doom step 2
now clip on the red connectors like with the simple frag.

Step 12: How to throw

Picture of how to throw
C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Stuart\instructables\Img0035\how to throw impact frag.jpg
C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Stuart\instructables\Img0035\how to throw ball of doom.jpg
to throw the simple frag grasp it by the centre of the white connector.

to throw the impact frag hold one of the orange connectors.

theese are both thrown like frisbies

to throw ball of doom hold in palm of hand and throw like a ball