Picture of vertical greens
This is an idea to grow about acres in your sq.m area. this isn't saying about upgrading the crop yield but what about a building of greens? Indoor planting but amount of fields...

to try the possibility of  the proper growth and survival of plants in the human made environment, I preferred to make a small model. it is about 7 feet taller.  the model is having 21 floors . it takes space of 4 feet and holds capacity of 21 feet
that is the point of use!
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Step 1: Step 1: needs

Picture of Step 1: needs
images (1).jpg
images (2).jpg
1 ) old metal sheets (21)/ you can use anything else but strong.
2 ) rods- 7 feet tall (2)
             3.5 feet tall (2)/ you can use more for more support.
3) seeds depending on needs.
4) a place where a pure sunlight strikes the ground slantingly.
 5) some bending pipes
6) use some drip system equipment for irrigation. 
7) a bottle or any plastic container that can hold water.
8) silence, concentration and time.


Step 2: Step 2: choosing the place

Picture of Step 2: choosing the place
you should choose the place according to the type of the seeds you are using. I have used my storeroom , it is a cool place.
the other use of the system is that you can provide any climate to the vertical farm.!

Step 3: Step 3: final assembly

Picture of Step 3: final assembly
it will take a long list of task to tell it in written format ,so try to make it possible using the animated picture of my model. assemble it according to the picture. it will better if you weld it properly.bend the ends of the iron sheets that they may hold the soil n water in them properly. add some soil and get ready to plant the seeds. then irrigation! system will be according to your model, use the drip parts to water each and every part. the source of water will be the bottle we have taken, add it to the top most floor of green building and then attach the pipes to the source. don't forget to make tiny holes in each sheet it will remove the excess water out of the floor. don't leave the excess water ruin, test it out and you will notice what nutrients the soil is losing. add those minerals into the soil again through manure and other things.and finally install the model in the space you preferred! you model is ready to grow 21 feet in 4 feet.

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pbarger11 year ago
This is not a project that someone did. These are images thrown together with little effort.
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Need deeper and more specific descriptions on how to
omnibot1 year ago
I like the concept. Is it just me or are the images horribly low resolution?