I saw a beautiful reclaimed wood contemporary art piece that is also a practical coat hanger. It would be a perfect entry way addition. At $265, the original


is way out of my price range for accessories so I thought, "Hey, I can make that." .  I headed out to the garage, started rummaging through the wood scraps and with about 2 hours of actual labor, I had my own knockoff designer coat hanger ready to grace my entry way.    

Tools used:

ruler or measuring tape
wood screws (1/2 inch)
wood glue
wood stain (what I had around already - walnut, ebony, cherry and golden oak)
polyurethane finish (interior, satin)
safety equipment
table saw
sandpaper (220)

Step 1: Gather Wood Scraps

I wanted the coat hanger to be about 24" x 18" overall so I planned on using a nice walnut 6 inch wide board  and cut the vertical pieces to 12 inches.

First step - gather boards that were all about 3/4 inches thick, and at least 13 or so inches long so that there would be enough to cut them square on the ends. 
Nice job!! Looks great!! Beautiful wood grain selections, I also like the contrast of the walnut along the bottom!!
Beautiful job putting it all together!
Very cool. I am gonna try it this weekend Thanks for keeping it simple
Love it! My dad used to make wood stuff a lot when I was younger & has put away his tools long time ago. Might see if I can borrow them to make one myself, or maybe I'll start small & make a key holder like that. I voted 4 ya!
Thanks! I was just starting to take an interest in woodworking about a year and a half ago. My father passed away shortly afterward, and now most of my tools were once his. It feels good to keep them in use.
Very nice project and step-by-step! I love wood grain :)

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