Picture of vertical wind power
I've always had sort of a soft spot for the Vertical Axis Wind Turbines because of the advantages they offer.  Unfortunately, most of them such as the Savonius aren't very efficient but do offer low wind characteristics.  About a year ago I was emailed a patent of a VAWT that was a bit different.  This one used the "Venturi effect" to duct air around the wings.  After reading through the patent I decided to build one and see if It was any better or worse than some of the others out there.  As it worked out it did outperform the Savonius but still seemed a bit low on the overall efficiency.  I started searching for any others that used this principal and found one other like it.  I ended up building this one also and found similar characteristics but this one also seemed a bit low on the efficiency return, still it did outperform the Savinous again. 

I started playing around with small units and built a coffee can model which ended up running at 700 rpm and was named the "700 RPM Coffee can".  It really didn't make much power being as small as it was and was basically cut and duct taped together. Below shows a picture of the original coffee can experiment... If you decide to try this be advised the metal is very sharp and you should wear gloves as well as observing all safety precautions...
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About a year ago I was emailed a patent of a VAWT that was a bit different. This one used the "Venturi effect."

Every airfoil in existence uses the Venturi Effect.

For discussions on VAWT v. HAWT
Remember to grease the wheel bearings for best operation. Great reuse idea! Thanks
satpathi2 years ago
material and specific size would help
Verdann2 years ago
did you publish this before it was finished? the concept is pretty interesting, but there is nothing really there showing how to make one myself.
Dr.Bill2 years ago
So has this thing got some sort of Generator/Alternator attached to it ?
DarynSharp2 years ago
that's really cool!