first cut out a shield it should look like the home plate for baseball then on the back make a handle out of tape.

you can put scewers in the cardboard to make it stronger if ur cardboard is weak

Step 1: The Deadly Sword

then make a sword out of duck tape and cardboard

Step 2: Me Hat

then make a hat out of green cloth that was measured to your head size and sew it together then cut the excess off and turn it inside out

Step 3: Clothing

then buy a green t-shirt and a white long sleve shirt and wear a leather belt over your tummy and you can wear brown pants or any pants you want

sorry guys no pics for this step couldnt find the clothes
blurry pics are blurry?
vote for my instructables
but i like the idea of a big t shirt and belt
umm nice instructable, but ide rather bye a toy shield and sword (they sell swords that look alot like master sword at toys r us)
im taking new pics

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