Step 1: Supplies

What you will need:

A toothbrush.
A watch battery.
A pager motor with its casing.
Wire cutters.
A small piece of foam tape. (double sided)

First cut the head off the toothbrush with the wire cutters. (the toothbrush i used was made of some sort of soft plastic so the wire cutters worked really well)

Step 2: Adding the Motor

Attach a piece of foam tape on top of the toothbrush head.
Then add the pager motor on the end of the toothbrush

Step 3: Adding the Battery

Now attach the battery behind the motor and connect the wires from the motor to the leads of the battery. (you can attach the top wire to the battery with a small piece of foam tape)
And your done! If it works it should move when you connect the wires.
Cool! The pager motor is a vibration motor, right?
You can't expect everyone to scour instructables to make sure their project is not copying. I really don't think anyone does!
y de donde consigo la pila y el motor <br>

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