Knex Drag-racer





Introduction: Knex Drag-racer

easy to buld, very fast and hotrod style

Step 1: Just Some Pictures

its to easy just look very good

Step 2: to Your Fantasy

real hotrod



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    Awesome. This thing went 10 miles an hour with a blender motor.

    where do you get those huge wheels and that gear

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    0987654969, if you think just a little bit, its not necessary.

    hi all i,m new i build the drag car i modded and now is the body kit awesome say i i need to post pictures

    put the pieces on it and instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice utilization of gear ratios! I have been thinking about using gear ratios to make a faster car, but never got around to it.

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    Man!! thts wicked!!:)

    Probably not.

    At least some more pics so i can make an attempt at building it please?

    looks like you got some hi speed on there nice did you just build this or has it been a while?

    I've had it for a couple of years.

    Uhh.... Couple years, I mean...

    how many motors you have on it? why so many?

    wow that is awsome

    Mepain i didnt know you built cars