easy to buld, very fast and hotrod style

Step 1: Just Some Pictures

its to easy just look very good

Step 2: Mod.it to Your Fantasy

real hotrod
Awesome. This thing went 10 miles an hour with a blender motor.
thats well cool lool
where do you get those huge wheels and that gear
in some sets
0987654969, if you think just a little bit, its not necessary.
hi all i,m new i build the drag car i modded and now is the body kit awesome say i i need to post pictures
put the pieces on it and instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice utilization of gear ratios! I have been thinking about using gear ratios to make a faster car, but never got around to it.
Man!! thts wicked!!:)
Probably not.
At least some more pics so i can make an attempt at building it please?
looks like you got some hi speed on there nice did you just build this or has it been a while?
I've had it for a couple of years.
Uhh.... Couple years, I mean...
how many motors you have on it? why so many?
oh ok
wow that is awsome
Mepain i didnt know you built cars
its my own model it isnt from a set
wicked car, both mepains, and you custom brammeke. lol, im gonna try to install an engine in the front, but to get equal torque in both the front and back might get a little tricky with my limited peices...ya know what ive never seen on this website..a battle hammer..i made 1 once, but my freind always swung to hard and the head fell off &gt;.&lt; mepain, was that car from a set? cause even the bottom looks amazingly realistic, like with tubes and metal peices etc <sup>.</sup><br/>
I.. I... I just wanted to show him my creation... *sad face*
its all right mepain he was just being a butt clown
i tried it, and it more torque than i guessed. it can easily climb a 20% slope and goes over all my junk i leave on the ground (magazines, books, videos, stuff like that) i luv it coz i can drive it thru stuff
Let's see some video! How about a drag race?
He didn't say anything.
I'm busy with a lengthening for your arm, a robot arm :-)
i wonder how fast this would go with the all terrain trekker motor lmao
too fast... lol
just out of curiosity, does this have any decent torque? i doubt it, but it never hurts to ask
no it probably couldn't drive over a carpet
what would be cool, if u got one of those big control things with one control pad (not a switch) that has two motors, put it on and then u could steer it if u had two gear systems and more pieces and such. ill prolly make a mod doingt aht when i get around to it although i dont think many ppl have one of those
if I got a second big cog wheel I can make it two times that fast
I am from Belgium so me English isn't very good... no everything fits perfectly
this car's sweet, ill make it tomorrow coz its like 11pm and im gettin sleepy
you can run it throug water since the engine is so high up

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