Very Powerful Pea Shooter


Introduction: Very Powerful Pea Shooter

About: crossbows knives and homemade weapons

This will shoot a bb at high speeds

Step 1: Materials

you will need a pen haloed out 1 rubber band
and one water balloon

Step 2:

then wrap the rubber band around the balloon

Step 3: This Instructable Very Is Easy All You Do Is Put the Water Balloon Over the Pen As Shown in the Picture

then wrap the rubber band around the balloon

Step 4:

finally get your ammo you will need one metal BB

Step 5:

put the baby down the pen barrel

Step 6:

aim Let go of the bollon and the bb should fly have fun and don't get hurt

Step 7:



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    This is pretty cool but you should word your instructions better

    1 reply

    ive been of the grid for awhile but ive craced to homemaid shootible tader,automatic of coarce

    yeah, check out my two new instructables, juging by your personal info you should like them.