Picture of very powerful knex hand gun.
this small gun that is the size of your hand and is still very powerful.it uses 34 peices plus duck tape and 5-10 ruberbands. It is the smaller version of an ever better gun that is just as powerfull as killerks gun but doesn't usr the black rod. It also doesn't destroy any peices.

Step 1: Gather parts

Picture of gather parts
gather all parts in the pics.
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How do you shoot
Van Halen7 years ago
This gun is horrible.
Oh, thats nice!
true tho
Yup. D:<
not horrible in 2008 (year u commented) but now its really horrible
Speedmite3 years ago
I have to say, this is one of my favorite pistols. Found it after a year, still works, and still is amazing. Quick and easy, reliable, and small. It doesn't get the credit it should have. Great beginners gun, and unlike a bunch of other small pistols, this works well, and its not ugly and falling apart. most durable gun Ive made. You can put so many bands on this thing too. I think I somehow got 20, had to use pliers to pull back the ram, and I lost the round, but didnt break. Also, I prefer electrical tape.
mberg5 years ago
i"ve made this gun but from a youtube vid and if im able to, ill show you a pic of how to make a way better handle
rrr675 years ago
could the firing pin b a yelo rod, or will the gun explode?
rrr675 years ago
thats 1 spacer, right???......................
rrr675 years ago
does it matter if i put the blue spacer on the rod and then tape it. or do i hav 2 do it like in the pic
napsterpat5 years ago
it shoots like 20 feet =[ you should find a way to make it shoot farther...im just looking for a simple yet powerful knex gun...but the more complicated they get the more powerful....yes, this is a pretty powerful gun, but i just wish it could go just a bit farther....
Speedmite5 years ago
Put a bunch of rubber bands on this, reinforce the ram, put a sting on the end of the ram for easy cocking, and boom! You have a gun that is good as some of the larger guns. for me at least.
knex_mepalm6 years ago
Cheater....you used duct tape thats cheating!
not really; a lot of guns need tape or something else to stop the connector that holds the rubber bands from breaking or flying off after doing so.
GUess what I do. I suppress it with 2 ball joints and add clumps of rubberband on it, it silences and works great.
using rubber bands for that purpose could be considered cheating by your logic.
Not exactly, by my logic it is acceptable because rubberbands are a joining ingredient (forgot the scientific name i think its "building bock")for k'nex guns, i considerate ok.
An Villain6 years ago
not as powerful as killerk but still cool.
Quackers946 years ago
who's killer k i hear a lot about him...
quesoman6 years ago
not a big fan of block triggers but nice work
Some person7 years ago
this is my first comment in istructables. I have a knex gun should I post it?
Join the odd name club.
Sure... as long as it is not a copy of something on Insructables.
m1n1j1mmy6 years ago
or u could use a yellow rod ? :-) gr8 gun tho ;-)
already enplied
qwerty296 years ago
its duct tape ;)
DrWeird1176 years ago
Why don't you people shaddup and build it?
hobo joe6 years ago
I like the size, probely able to take this to school hehe. But i HATE block triggers!! 1/5
OmegaClone7 years ago
this is a really good gun 2 make thanks 4 showing me how,keep up the good work.
wait... did you say good work?
ponddust7 years ago
hitman17 years ago
thats a cool gun
firedude3118 years ago
took a sec 2 figure it all out but it ROCKS!!!
how do u fire dis thing
exactly how far does it go? I want to know before i make it, cuz I just made the ROSP so i don't want more of the same.
CJ Pain7 years ago
I didn't have one iof the half grey slot connectors so i used ay connector and it still works.
CJ Pain7 years ago
Mine doesn't work
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