Picture of very realistic fallout stimpaks model
in this tutorial i will show you how to make a realistic stimpaks model using the program solid works.
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Step 1: Making the stimpaks body

Picture of making the stimpaks body
to make this item your going to need the program solid works which if you don't already have your going to have to buy, but the software is very expensive and isn't easy to acquire.

what your going to want to do is first open a sketch on the top plane and draw a circle and scale it to about 1.5 inches. you must then scale a circle of the same diameter 3 inches above the first circle. sweep the two circles and turn the two sketches into a cylinder. then you must make a circle about 2 inches ant the top portion of the cylinder widening it out for looks. take the sketch you just made and turn it into a cylinder .5 inch tall using the extruded boss tool. finally, you make another cylinder with a diameter of .2 directly in the center of the cylinder that is two inches in diameter.( this will later be used to mate two components) with this part done you are 1/3 the way complete.

Step 2: Double t

Picture of double t
this piece all you must do is take the sketch tool and open a sketch on the front plane. you must then dimension a rectangle .4 inches tall and 3 inches across take the extruded boss feature and make the rectangle .3 inches thick. finally take the rectangle tool and make two rectangles .8 inches tall and .3 inches across the dimension of the the rectangle must also be .4 inches thick that way it is slightly larger than the other rectangle. then dimension them so they are both on the middle of your first extruded rectangle but you must also make them .3 inches from the very edge allowing it to look the same as one from fallout/
the glitch11 months ago
This doesn't really help much you kinda just show us how to draw a sectch