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Introduction: Very Slow One Minute Paper Airplane

if your one of those people with no time to waste doing super percise folds, here is a very simple airplane

Step 1: Getting Started

You will need a bunch of things:
a peice of paper

Step 2: Fold

fold the sheet in half

Step 3: Fold


Step 4: Fold

fold to flaps at nintey degres.

Step 5: Flip

flip it over

Step 6: Pull

pull back and fold

Step 7: Fold

fold down two flaps from the corner and leave an inch of space fom the tip

Step 8: Pull

pull the tip down

Step 9: Flip

flip it over

Step 10: Fold

fold in half

Step 11: Fold

fold the wings on and repeat on other side

Step 12: Pull

pull the plane apart
to fly:
pinch plane together and launch very hard at around fifty degrees. in mid air the plane will pop open and slowly glide down



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    2 Tips

    by making even more designs and weights

    Eric you can make it fast and post another vedio




    What make it fly slow


    This is actually a very old paper airplane design. My father's father taught him how to make it in the 60's. So much for the money US taxpayers are pumping into the Air Force.

    2 replies

    yea, it was the first type of plane i ever made

    But you know people's comment are lovely and i love it

    I love it lol

    love design but slow flight (-!-)

    That's not slow at all but the flight is the smoothest I've ever seen!

    If you'll search the archives you'll find this plane several times with comments about how you can greatly improve its flying.

    3 replies

    yes, i have found that if you chamber the wings up, and make the triangle shaped lock smaller, it will performe a high loop when thrown into the wind. there, it will slowly glide unbelivably slowly, almost waking pace with a very small decent rate. total flight: about 15 seconds.

    true. i just wanted a instructable that got comments

    That's the trouble with paper 'planes - the same design will have many different names, frequently along the lines of "this cool plane my uncle taught me when I was eight", which makes it very hard to search to see if it's been done before.

    Wondering if you could provide some more info on that keyboard you have. It looks interesting.

    2 replies

    it's rubber. waterproof and you can rool it up

    its a rubber/plastic keyboard. they say that its indestructable. Its about $20, usb, you can roll it up, anything...
    i dont think its a good keyboard. i have a elite hp wireless with mouse and keyboard=VERY,VERY nice.

    A flight video is always welcome.