Very Small Knex Gun





Introduction: Very Small Knex Gun

a small knex gun with only 12 peices. Shoots a good 10-15 feet depending on what ruberbands you use.

Step 1: Gather All the Pats

you will need every thing below.for ammo i use the little whites. you could shoot any rod but this one goes farthest

Step 2: Build the Barel

this is the barrel and triger
1. get these peices
2. built half of the barrel the other half

Step 3: Build Firing Pin

all you need here is a white rod and a grey conecter.

Step 4: Put It All Together

put firing pin in barrel and add rubberbands.(sorry about blury pic,i have shaky hands when taking pics.)

Step 5: How to Hold

this is ment to be hald in the palm of your hand.
first, hold i so the orange triger is facing away from you
secondly, place your thumb on the front light gray conecter
then place the middle of your index finger on the other side of your thumb
you push the triger with you middle finger



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    10 Discussions

    brovo, this is pretty amazing, usless but cool all the same. k'nex stealth assasssins just found their gun

    My thumbs were killin wen i did this

    i made yours, the one in the pic, Knex gunman and it was the best small one yet. it would be cool if it had an automatic reloader and a better handle

    For the size vs many peices ratio my 16 peice knex gun shoots further. Try adding more rubber bands.


    11 years ago

    yeah, pretty cool

    There are about 10 other compact K'nex guns. This one is no different.