Very Strong Hand Gun





Introduction: Very Strong Hand Gun

This handgun has a 40-100 foot rang (to get 100 feet or more you need a lot of rubber bands. (I have so many on I can hardly draw it back), it is 11 inches long and very accurate.

Step 1: The Barrle

You will need
2 long gray rods
8 yellow connectors
18 white circles
1 white rod
1 orange connector
2 gray connectors

Put the 8 yellow connectors on the 2 gray rods
Then put 7 white circles on the gray rods
Then the trigger, 1 orange peace and 1 white rod
Then put 11 more white circles on the gray rods
Then put 1 gray connector at the end or the gray rods
You are finished the barrel it should look like the photo above

Step 2: Handle X2

You will Need 3 yellow rods
3 Orange connectors
10 spacers
The photo above should be able to help you put it together

Step 3: Firing Pin

You will need 1 gray rod
1 orange connector
1 peace of tape
The photo will help you put it together

Step 4: Out Riggers

You will need 1 white rod for each
1 orange connector for each
The photo will help you put it together

Step 5: Assemble

Put the firing pin into the barrel
Slide on the handles
Put on out riggers
Put on site
When you are dune it should look like the photo about

Note, place the rubber bands on equally from the top and the bottom or the firing pin will brake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    This is positively the most powerful and inaccurate knex gun I've ever built in my entire life...

    You havn't build a lot of things in your life, eh?

    this may not be the best ever but its still strong you know? and when you think about it any gun on instructables could be the strongest. think about where the power comes long as the kenex gun can take the force you can use more and more rubber bands to get power. nobody on this site can say "i have the strongest" it comes down to the shooter and the power him/her wants to use.

    well it seems like you can't build anything so just shut up @!$%*&@!@*#%

    sorry that i let me go............ @$%!*&$@# sorry wha ha ha ha

    haahh this was top of the line tech back in the day lol. you know how old this is?

    wow, over a year and a month! BY 2 DAYS!!!

    that is utter rubbish