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this is my first instructable, so please be kind. i got this idea a few days ago, and i just got around to it. in this instructable i will show you how i made a small portable boom box out of a set of computer speakers and a video casette.

i apologize now for the poor quality of the pictures but they were all shot on my webcam

Step 1: Materials

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first gather you materials, which consist of a set of speakers and an old junker video casette. (note the speakers pictured here are NOT the ones i ended up using for this project, if you decide to make this DO NOT buy these speakers as they do not fit)

Step 2: Prepare the Video Casette

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first there will be 5 screws on the bottom of the video tape you will have to remove. once you do that, open the tape up, then remove the main inards.

Step 3: Pepare the Video Casette (part 2)

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there are lots of small plastic pieces that will get in the way of placement, but luckily they can be removed fairly easily

Step 4: Dismantling and Placement of Speakers

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i will not show the dismantling step as it will vary largly depending on the speakers you buy. placement will aswell, if you want it done easily buy a pair of passive speakers (meaning they are powered through the headphone jack) i chose a battery powered pair, for the most power buy a pair that plugs into the wall, i chose nto to do this however because i wanted it be be portable. mine was origonaly powerd buy 2 AAs but i had trouble with the placement so i soldered in an adapter for a 9 volt. use hot glue to keep the speakers and circut board (if applicable) in place


Picture of CAREFUL NOW!

if you are using battery powered speakers make sure the on/off switch is in a place easily accesable. mine is located inbetween and above my speakers, (viewable through the small hole, there is also an LED but you cannot see it in this lighting)

Step 6: Chord Placement

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if you are looking at the casette there will be a small hole on the right side which is perfect for running the chord that will eventually be plugged into the headphone jack through

Step 7: Finishing

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next just put the case back together, you kept those screws didnt you? i eneded up using the four corner ones as the middle one was blocked.

Step 8: Case (optianal)

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the best part is if you need a case, you can just use, well, a movie case


DIY Dave (author)2007-04-29

Good idea.

Freedom Train (author)2007-04-05

I gotta make one of these... ... When I have some money... and I'm not so lazy.

or when you payme that 5 bucks oyu still owe me from the lung thing with big J

I'll pay you next week, jeeze!

arte.sano (author)2007-03-30

cool!! I did something similar from an idea of a guy in spain, he used a Vhs box, I use a dvd sleve, check it out!

Sgt.Waffles (author)2007-03-30

HA! Thats hilarious! Who woulda thunk huh? Great instructable! +

crapflinger (author)2007-03-30

hehe nice!

admanrocks (author)2007-03-30

this is really cool, im glad you didnt just stick some speakers in a box and call it an amp

5Volt (author)2007-03-30

If you enclose each speaker in a sort of small cylindrical (cardboard, paper or so) case you might get deeper basses. Worth a try, I think. Also, try and fill empty space with glass wool, this might stop possible vibrations. I like you idea. Ciao

fireman joe (author)2007-03-30

thanks guys, ya i just love the retro vibe given off by VHS' they have so much more character then DVDs. i think it would have been great to make a DVD case out of a VHS but the sizing isnt right

Fenwick (author)2007-03-29

this is a great idea. I need to pick up some old computer speakers so I can make one of these great speaker instructables. I definitely like the VHS tape idea, VHS is becoming as retro as audio casettes.

kramertron (author)2007-03-29

Aside from the picture quality, great Instructable, it's really sweet idea and very clean implementation. Glad to see you sporting a iAudio X5, I love mine ; )

bigpinecone (author)2007-03-29

you spelt "cord" wrong(a chord is a guitar thing i think) otherwise it's awesome

Trans_Am (author)2007-03-29

Sweet Idea!

fireman joe (author)Trans_Am2007-03-29

thanks man, i have always loved VHS' i wanted to make somehting with them

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