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Introduction: Video Game Inspired Homemade Stuff =)

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These are just a few of the things I have crafted in honor of video games =) If you can't tell, I favor mario, pac man and katamari. Most of the patterns are made by me, but the katamari pattern was created by Anapaulaoli




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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, make a tutorial for that Shy Guy Cap. I would love to where it EVERYWHERE to show who I am, I love showing my personality through my clothes. :DD PLEASE!

    Shy Guy hat :DDD

    ooooooooooooh...I thought it was "a video game inspired by homemade stuff", but this is cool too. But could you please post a link to the video game that is based on homemade stuff...

    So... how do I make it? The Katimari would be perfect for a friends baby.

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    I got the pattern from Because of the copyright of the pattern, I am unable to give any instructions. But it was a very reasonable price. If you can crochet, it's a piece of cake =) I finished it in about 2 days.

    I love all of it!! Hehe I want to make a pac man quilt! Do you have a pattern/instructions for it?

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    no i just kind of winged it. I cut out all my pieces and then basted it on with some really sticky glue. man was it a pain! I sewed most of it with the machine but some things were hand sewn. But the whole thing took like 2 days to make. I'm sure if i made more effort it could look better lol

    These are so cool!! the mario and shyguy hats are awesome.

    I saw a really cool Guitar Hero scarf, it was a big note highway... so cool.

    I think he means "You should sell it on E-Bay."

    Very Cool stuff . Would you do a commission for a Katamari?

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    Since it's not my pattern I can't sell them. But maybe you can ask Anapaulaoli on She's the one who created it.

    I think you can sell them even though it's not your pattern - after all, I can sell a quilt or a pie or something even if I don't own the pattern or recipe to make it.

    Well when I bought the pattern it says to not sell or distribute the pattern or anything made from it. But I do think she sells the katamari dolls. Not sure for how much though.

    Ah, that sounds legally binding. Shame.

    yes but I can make myself like 50 to stare at all day =) One cousin at a time ! I like the disco looking one..I forget its name...