Vinegar Powered Battery


Introduction: Vinegar Powered Battery

soldering iron
hot glue gun
sealed pill bottle
carbon rod (i got my cabon from a old battery)

Step 1: Step One (connecting)

first you want to connect the wires to your electrodes (the carbon and zinc) for the zinc you can solder the wire on and for the carbon you will have to use hot glue. after you have connected the wires use the hot glue and cover all the solder and bared wire for the best performance

Step 2: Step 2 (placing)

now you want to put the two electrodes on the oppisite sides of the pill bottle and hot glueing them in place

Step 3: Step 3 (finishing Touches)

drill a hole in the top of the pill bottle and pull the wires though but leave about 3-4 inches of wire between the bottle and the cap then hot glue seal the wires in place. fill it half full of vinegar and try it out



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    I want to know how long does it last and if this can be sumthing to work on for bigger scale voltage

    Is it rechargeable?

    on the first time i tryed it i got 1.5 volts but i think that was because it still had some battery acid on it that i missed when cleaning it. otherwise i have only got 0.7 volts with only 0.5 mA i have not yet seen how long it will last because i have nothing it will run. you can also swap out the vinegar for other liquids and that will give varied results.or just replace it and you will have a recharged battery

    Very interesting, I want know this:
    1. How many Volts you get?
    2. How many Amps you get?
    3. How many hours it lasts?

    Sounds interesting. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing this. :-)