Vintage Webley Ww1 Pistol Holster





Introduction: Vintage Webley Ww1 Pistol Holster

I wanted to add something military to my mantique cabinet! so I came to the idea a WW1 officers pistol holster here it is.

Firstly i pulled some images from google to get an idea of the size and shape

Step 1: Template and Cutting

Then i made a couple of simple templates for the leather, the type of leather i used is called shaved shoulder its pretty inexpensive to buy i drew round my templates and cut them out using a scalpel.

Step 2: Wetting

i then soaked all of the leather pieces in dirty water ...this softens it but it also brings out all the flaws and marks in the leather exactly what i wanted seen as i wanted it to look weathered and worn.

i then clamped the leather where it would be stitched to get the vague shape of the holster.

Then i stitched the retaining strap on first.


So the retaining strap is stitched now for the rest ....

firstly for the belt loop i skived the top part to make it easier to stitch once the metal loop is in place..

Then I just continued to stitch all the rear parts.

Step 4: Final Stitch..

I then made some guide holes along the side and stitched the full length of the holster.

Step 5: Ageing

Once everything was all stitched i soaked the leather again twisting it and whacking it off my vice...

then i left it to dry overnight put a bit of dark brown boot polish on using wet and dry.

Step 6: Finished Product

Sadly the pictures don't do it justice literally does look like its just been dug up from the trenches.

Now just the belt strap and cartridge pouch to go with it ....



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    That is some beautiful work! Fine leather work, and antiquing leather in a convincing manner, can be a challenge...I take my hat off to you Sir

    dbtk44 very kind words sir, thanks for the comment it is much appreciated.

    that is a "hot" holster. where do you buy leather from? any recomendations?

    thanks.. btoliver i get my leather from a local leather merchants here in the uk.

    I buy a lot of leather and Springfield leather company is were I get mine. They have a nice website and if you have any questions about leather Kevin is a good guy to ask.