Picture of vitamin water wallet
how to make a wallet

Step 1: Wallet

Picture of wallet

Step 2: Materials needed

Picture of materials needed
card holders for a binder or binder dividers
vitamin water or Gatorade wrappers 2 is good 3 is better

Step 3: Cut the divider/card holder

Picture of cut the divider/card holder
1.)cut of the 3 holes on sides
2.)cut 2x3 card sections
3.)fold in half
4.)be sure to crease it well
5.)tape both ends

Step 4: Adding wrappers

1.)fold in 3 ways in like you would a normal wallet but in order to get a crease that will not allow it to just flip open put under something heavy for a while.
2.) carefully tear of wrappers from a Gatorade of vitamin water bottle
3.) the one being put on the out side can easily be put on because it will all ready have glue on it the held it to the body. put this on and wrap ends around the edges. reinforce with tape if needed
4.) put tape on top and bottom of wrapper to hold it on the wallet
5.) cut 2 sections from 2 different wrappers and put in the card slots and seal tops with tape or tape them on the front of the slots.
6.) leave one slot open for id or license if you put them in slot tape the top to secure it in

Step 5: Done now you can brag about your awesome wallet that you made

Picture of done now you can brag about your awesome wallet that you made
brag about your awesome wallet
dbiotin9 months ago

Great design. I like it.

it is good
Finn McKee5 years ago
 ya he does look like a nerd
shrek1506 years ago
youa loooka likea nerda
Hawkins566 years ago
vitamin water is good ps good instructable i'll have to try it.