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this is an invention of i blaze  spark a simple invention try it out


a wire
a volt meter

to add more details you can do a server (modem)and add to it reply to know how to build the modem be audecious to do it don't be crap


Lectric Wizard (author)2012-03-27

This is a plug-in voltmeter. It is something you MADE not invented. There are millions just like it. But try to find something that doesn't exist & invent that !!! KEEP PLAYING ,Cheers!

MikB (author)Lectric Wizard2012-03-31

Without details as to what that meter actually is, and how it's connected, it looks more like either a plug-in fire starter, or an intelligence tester.

I'll let you work out how you know if you passed or failed the "intelligence test" part of this one :)

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