I'll teach you to make a voltage regulator 12v to 5v.

Step 1: Materials

The Materials are:

-1 5V Voltage Regulator 7805

-1 Switch

-1 Female Jack

-1 terminal block

-2 Capacitor 100uF

-1 Diode 1N4007

-1 9V Battery

-stranded wire

-1 Protoboard

Step 2: Assemble

Step 3: Finalized

<p>here is jordy!</p>
<p>Nice, short and quick tutorial!</p><p>I would try to improve the quality of the schematic, I'm having a hard time to properly read it, and I'll probably not be the only one. Draw a cleaner schematic, take a sharper picture of try to make your schematic on your computer!</p>

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