Introduction: Wa2000

this is my wa2000. i havent been posting alot with school and everything but there should be more guns to come soon.
this gun is a slingshot gun. it works the same as the rpg i made a while back and has the same power.this gun is alot of fun to use and to answer your question, yes, i have been playing too much mw2



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    i have to cry b cuz its so good


    I have that L96 =)!!! its an awesome gun. whats your scope? by the way I got it to five stars its realy well made

    I'll rate all your 'Ibles 5* and subscribe if you post it.

    well done 5*****

    Airsoft l96. that thing's illegal in UK. we're stuck with 2-tones. WAAAAA!!!

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    im sorry to hear that:( ya that gun is alot of fun in airsoft wars its got like    520-550 fps

     What scope you got on it? And guess what airsoft gun i have?!


    370-380 FPS full/semi auto (Two stage trigger)
    Weaver rail  (Fitted with a 4x32)
    Barrel mounted laser
    330 hi-cap mag

    (The one in pic isnt mine, but it's the closest to mine i could find.  Mine is 2-toned...)

    is the broken piece necessary in pic 9

    EPIC!!!.Very accurate replica, well done 5 stars!!!

    nah, the best sniper on mw2 is the Barrett!

    Btw, nice replica! But perhaps you could add the little barrel end sticking out of the...box structure....like the real thing? :D

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    na for me the best sniper is the intervention

    nice airsoft gun in the back ground