this is my wa2000. i havent been posting alot with school and everything but there should be more guns to come soon.
this gun is a slingshot gun. it works the same as the rpg i made a while back and has the same power.this gun is alot of fun to use and to answer your question, yes, i have been playing too much mw2
black ops4 years ago
i have to cry b cuz its so good
rheath24 years ago
pinderfish4 years ago
I have that L96 =)!!! its an awesome gun. whats your scope? by the way I got it to five stars its realy well made
why this is posted in the apple category?
petrovski254 years ago
Epic!! 5*
~KnexBuild~4 years ago
how far does it shoot?
I'll rate all your 'Ibles 5* and subscribe if you post it.
kaleaap5 years ago
well done 5*****
Airsoft l96. that thing's illegal in UK. we're stuck with 2-tones. WAAAAA!!!
knex artillery (author)  RMConstruction5 years ago
im sorry to hear that:( ya that gun is alot of fun in airsoft wars its got like    520-550 fps
 What scope you got on it? And guess what airsoft gun i have?!


370-380 FPS full/semi auto (Two stage trigger)
Weaver rail  (Fitted with a 4x32)
Barrel mounted laser
330 hi-cap mag

(The one in pic isnt mine, but it's the closest to mine i could find.  Mine is 2-toned...)
leafydave5 years ago
is the broken piece necessary in pic 9
heatblast5 years ago
cool gun! 4* :)
EPIC!!!.Very accurate replica, well done 5 stars!!!
Lowney5 years ago
nah, the best sniper on mw2 is the Barrett!

Btw, nice replica! But perhaps you could add the little barrel end sticking out of the...box structure....like the real thing? :D
na for me the best sniper is the intervention
M21 EBR all the way
nice airsoft gun in the back ground
Micino5 years ago
this gun is sexy you should post the instructables for this. I rated it 5/5
Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
How do you make the scope?5*
How to make a WA2000: Get a rectangle, cut two holes for the handle, put a scope on top, ???, result! Ta Daa!
Whaleman5 years ago
Sad thing, that MW2 is. I would have thought it'd be a reference to 'The Living Daylights'. It's a shame the guns are so expensive now; they're just so sexy.

Otherwise, yes. I have to agree with Bounty. The gun is close, but not close enough. The stock seems too exaggerated and the barrel doesn't protrude enough (at all) from the stock like on the real one.
knex artillery (author)  Whaleman5 years ago
ya the gun is pretty sexy. and the stock may look different because there is different models and that was the one on google that i liked but youre right, there should be an extended barrel
mr.guy5 years ago
KnexFreek5 years ago
i like it
please post
bounty10125 years ago
Close, but no cigar.
knex artillery (author)  bounty10125 years ago
i dont know about you but i think this is a pretty accurate replica and i dont see any major differences other than the fact it isnt made of metal and wood and doesnt shoot through peoples head. but if you would like too point out some differences i would be happy to improve
I wasnt saying it was that far off, I was mainly saying that it looks a bit fatter and the barrel seems a bit flatter than the real gun. Not too many major differences. Make an instructable if you can. Btw have you been playing soldier front?
~KGB~5 years ago
leafydave5 years ago
nice is that an airsoft gun or air?