Picture of wall lamp from old computers
This is my first instructable, don't be harsh.  If you have any questions I am happy to answer.
I've been building things from electronic waste for years now, for more examples visit my site:

Turn three dead computers into a wall lamp.

allen wrenches
needle nose pliers
wire cutter
wire stripper
solder iron
drill & bits
electric tape

3 computer towers - you can find obsolete electronics at local recycling facilities or businesses if you don't happen to have a surplus of electronics.
- or ask a neighbor - around 2/3 Americans have dead computers  taking up space in a closet.

16 gauge wire
wire frame/shelf (from closet organizer)
3x light socket (< $3ea)
3x cfl bulb (bulk $1ea)
1x small light socket (+ cord in my case / as-is ikea $1)
1x small cfl bulb ($4 2pack)
15' extension cord ($2 ikea)
switch ($2)
 If you can find an old radio, they have great capacitors.

Please DO NOT attempt this unless you have some experience with basic electrical wiring.
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Step 1: Disassemble everything

Picture of Disassemble everything
Disassemble the computers and all components.

Step 2: Connect the three cases

Picture of connect the three cases
Drill holes and bolt the three cases together to form a triangle.  I used three 2" bolts.

Step 3: Install sockets

Picture of install sockets
I was lucky enough to find this metal plate attached to a floppy drive with the perfect hole for a socket I bought from ikea's 'as is' section for $1.

Drill holes to connect the metal plate (holes 1 & 2).

Drill holes for the three main lights (holes 3,4 &5).  See image for placement (near center of each shell).

Connect the center socket, metal plate and body.

Connect three regular sockets using the wire from 15' extension cord.
My sockets came from lowe's and were easy to install.

Connect all positives, all negatives.  (Save space for a switch)
 Review basic wiring for light fixtures if you have questions.
Cover with electrical tape.

Step 4: Attach hanging wire

Picture of Attach hanging wire
drill four holes to attach a hanging wire.

Separate the two inner holes by 18-20 inches so it can hang from two studs (assuming studs are 16" apart).

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