Picture of wall of bookshelves with a rolling ladder 'on the cheap'
I've been wanting a wall of floor to ceiling bookshelves with a rolling ladder (to reach the top shelves)..see the pic of what I wish I could afford....for a long time but money is tight (as is for lots of us...). I spent some time researching these type of shelving online...wow! get your wallet out!!! Beautiful as they were, I sure couldn't justify spending $2000 or more, depending on the unit.  I had it in my mind that maybe I could afford somewhere around $150 - $200
Then I got the idea, why not check out IKEA?  Surely they've got shelving units...sure enough, they did but by the time I calculated buying 3 shelves plus the 3 extension pieces and their 'ladder' (which was metal and I really wanted wood so that wasn't going to work) the cost would be about $600! Wow! again...so that idea went out the window.
Over the next few weeks I kept rolling (lol?) the idea around and I spent some time thinking 'outside the box' trying to come up with a way to get the bookshelves with ladder 'on the cheap'...
I got it into my head that even though I couldn't really afford the IKEA shelves maybe I could just get some shelves and modify them for what I had in mind.

Sequimania1 year ago

This is just what I need for my new mini-studio. I priced ready-to-buy and I was horrified that the hardware alone costs over $600.

I can afford this and I am excited to get started. Thanks!

ldhkah1 year ago

great job! I am going to pay to have someone make the exact one for me, except in a different color to go with my baby grand that I got when my parents died. Can't wait to see it in my living room. Thanks so much!!!

Definitely going to see how cheap I can replicate this for. Great job!
this cam out well, i can't wait for your next project.
mynewestproject (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
thx, I'm really happy with the finished project, too....
NIce instructable.