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in this instructable I will be showing you guys how to build a wallet fire starter, this incredibly easy project is a good way to recycle old or broken lighters that everyone has lying around their house. In side of long neck lighters there is a small but useful igniter that works by creating an electronic spark when the button is pushed, this part will be the basis for the fire starter. Here it is please vote for me, thank you.

Step 1:

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here is what you will need:

  • A wallet (obviously)
  • An old lighter that dosent work anymore
  • A screw driver (for taking apart the lighter)
  • And a razor blade, or knife

Step 2:

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take your lighter apart to reveal the Inside

Step 3:

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here is what the igniter looks like it should have two wires coming off of it, it will have a button that when you push it, will make a small ark between the two wires if they are within an inch from each other.

Step 4:

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next you will need to make three cuts where I have marked in the photo.

Step 5:

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now slip the igniter into the hole and pull the wires through to the other side, it should look like this. When your done it should look like this. it can be secured with hot glue to ensure that nothing will fall out.

To use it, hold the two wires next to some fluffed up cotton and push the button the ark will instantly ignite it, allowing you to start a fire.

if you want to see many more things like this then be sure to follow me. If you made this yourself then I want to see it, leave a photo in the comments below, and For all my followers I say thank you for the support. Don't forget to vote for me, thank you.


nflpanthersfan (author)2017-03-30

Doesn't work, which is why the picture was edited.

If it actually worked, you wouldn't have taken all the time editing it

Jack Moran (author)2014-05-21

Just don't carry it around with the wires exposed! mild burns could apply

Good ible, your on Fire!

Pure Carbon (author)Jack Moran2014-05-21

thank you, and I see what you did there...; )

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