Walnut and Vw Parts Stools/ Side Tables





Introduction: Walnut and Vw Parts Stools/ Side Tables

for the past year i've had some vw springs and brake drums laying around and some slices of local walnut. then it hit me...

i'm uploading this video to instructables just to enter the wood contest - even though most of the work here is with the metal. i kinda figured nick offerman and crew might dig the walnut - it's sort of their thing, right?

thanks for watching,




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    you do good job. Congratulations

    Very cool. Can fresh cut wood be used, or is it best to let it dry out over time?

    i'd say why not try? i don't know too much about log furniture. what i do know is fresh lumber is a lot heavier because of the liquid weight and often cracks when drying. there are ways to combat cracking. a couple were listed in my comments here. hope that helps! -tim

    Thanks for the reply! I did a little research and typically when making furniture from harvested lumber you would want it dry, not fresh. I have a bunch of really nice logs so I think I will make a couple of stools now and see how they turn out. I imagine that the drying process wouldn't compromise the integrity of a simple circular stool all that much. For more structures with precise measurements and fittings it would probably be more detrimental.

    exactly! don't try making any dovetails with it, but make some rustic stools! have fun and share pics. -t

    Beautiful! I have a bunch of train springs that I've been wanting to do something like this with, but need a base! Maybe now I'll go to a local car graveyard:-) thanks wonderful work!

    train springs? awesome. make sure to share pics if you do!

    Liked it. Got my vote!