Warrior Class Exo-suit (knex)





Introduction: Warrior Class Exo-suit (knex)

In my opinion, probably the best robot on this site. I am going to post instructions soon so don't bug me about that. If you have some ideas for additions or anything at all please leave it in the comments.
Anyways about the robot, it has two heavy cannons, one on each arm, many realistic moving parts, and has multiple thrust rockets for faster travel. You might be thinking, "Why rockets on this thing, in real life this thing would never get off the ground" but i designed this thing for a story plot i have been working on. In the story, the moon grows large enough to start ripping parts of earth from the ground thus lowering gravity and making it easier to get a giant hunk of metal (plastic in this case) off the ground and into war.



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    that's so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! please post the instructions

    im still waiting 4 u to post this =D

    sorry its just i have no time lately with home work and friends and Christmas and all that stuff ya know?

    yah id totally agree sorry for any pressure :)

    yah school sux... except for my metals class, its gonna be awesome.

    thanks! i will as soon as i can

    yup, youve gotten way better a knex now!

    thank you! the funny thing is, the entire design for this thing came from a knex ninja star! long story


    do the arms shoot... if so ... MAKE THEM INTO MACHINEGUN HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!11oneone

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    no the arms dont shoot, if they did shoot, they would be too bulky and look really crappy looking.

    Thats cool. please tell me when ur gunna post!!