Wasp Cards





Introduction: Wasp Cards

these can go through about 2 sheets of paper sometimes with a good rubber band and seem slow but really hurt

Step 1: Supplies

you will need a regular playing card, rubber band, and pliers(optional)

Step 2: Folding 1

fold the card in half twice until it is one forth of the regular card

Step 3: Folding 2

now fold it the "hotdog way" again. some ppl stop here but it's way better if u go one more

Step 4: Last Fold Almost

now you might need pliers for this. after you fold it, just put some tape around the edges so it doesn't fall apart when folding in half.

Step 5: Might Rip at Tip

now just put the middle up to a table or something and bend it. it might rip and this will mean you folded well. if so, just put some tape at the tip to hold it togeather :)



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    using old hotel/credit cards makes them fly even faster :D

    we call em paper wasps, but yea pretty powerfull

    you could just use a notecard, but put a staple in the middle before you fold it so that the crease is really hard. we call em hornets at school, and one time a girl got shot and started bleeding. Now they'll give us an ISS if we just have a rubber band around our wrist! good times....

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    What's an ISS

    In School Suspension :) I almost got one for partyboying some one...

    What do you think you would get for doing this.

    I have tried the staple gun but like he said, it's just to annoy ppl. it is pretty fun I guess, it's easy to make. I think that it would be hard to notice and u would just get it taken away. they would probably talk to u but the only was the teachers could really catch u is if everyone started talking about how u had it and stuff. I h8 it when people do that, they have no idea how to stay out of trouble. I say it would be OK

    i don't know,is it a spelling error? if so, i mess up sometimes but i don't know what an iss is. but it sounds like sone supersecret spy agent.... lol

    nice justin its eli i like the mustache on the dime. jo mama

    Do this all the time.
    Hate it when you get hit by it when somebody shoots you in class using their HUGE rubber bands...
    Nice job.